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Synopsis Of The Book

Titles of books: Twilight
Figures: Isabella Swan (Kristen Stewart)
Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison)
Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli)
Evenson Esme (Elizabeth Reaser)
Rosalie Hale (Nikki Reed)
Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene)
Jasper Cullen (Jackson Rathbone)
Charlie Swan (Billy Burke)
Author name: Meyer Stephennie
Year of publication: October 5, 2005
Name of publisher: Little, Brown
Place of publication: United States

"About three things that I believe is the truth, the first Edward is a vampire. second, there is a part of him - which I do not know how dominant that part - thirsty for my blood and the third one I fell in love with her very deep and unconditional "
Bella Swan, beautiful girls who have problems in self-confidence and coordination of his own body, recently moved from Phoenix, Arizona that the majority of heat bercuaca to Forks, Washington which the majority of the rainy weather to stay with her father, Charlie, after her mother, Renée, married and lived with her new husband, Phil, a baseball player. After moving to Forks, Bella meets the Cullen keluaga foster child. Emmet, Rossalie, Jasper, Alice and Edward. although they have no blood ties, but they are very similar. four brothers with good looks and remarkable beauty, pale-skinned, has an unmatched elegance and mystique.
In biology class, Bella has no choice but to sit down with Edward Edward Cullen.respon extremely unfriendly, making Bella felt when Edward hated. other than that on the first day, Edward always keep a distance with her, holding her breath and always looked at Bella with a strange look. like something unpleasant smell from Bella herself. After disappearing for a week that Edward and Bella make more sense that he hated her for no apparent reason.
Edward re-emerged in the classroom biologi.Bagai have multiple personalities, he was so friendly and polite to Bella when itu.gadis it realizes there is a change in self-Edward, the color of his eyes. The first time she saw Edward, the handsome man had dark black eye color, and now the color of her eyes and glowed like molten gold.
One morning, when it snows, Bella almost wretched because one of his van - Tyler - almost ran over the girl's body, if Edward did not immediately help. before he saw Edward standing right next to his car and watched him from a considerable distance. but suddenly when the incident occurred, Edward has helped in a very rapid movement, and that makes Bella's surprise, the van that almost hit it too contained a mysterious indentation, as if the van had hit something very hard (Edward's shoulder). lengkukan strange and very fitting on Edward's shoulder. Bella is very confused and believe that there is something about Edward that indicates that maybe he was not human biasa.seperti a hero - superhero - is possible according to his theory, or even exposed to radioactive kryptonite. Bella is always curious to ask about it to Edward, but Edward did not want to explain it and come back to be rude and increasingly distant with Bella.
After a silence during beberepa day Bella, Edward returned to be nice and polite. He apologized and told Bella that they should not have friends, because he was not a good person and bella deny it. Bella believes that Edward behave rude to him not because he was evil but because he was hiding something - like Edward wearing a mask -. Edward invites Bella to go with him and other friends to go to the beach Quilute tribal reservations, first beach, La Push, but Edward politely refused on the grounds that it was too crowded.
At First Beach, Bella meets Jacob Black. which is a little friend that one year a few months younger, but Bella had forgotten. Lauren, one of Bella's friends are not very fond of him began provoked about 'why not invite Bella Edward Cullen'. It was fishing one friend Jacob Black touched on "The Cullens do not come here - the Quileute tribe reservation - this attractive .Hal Bella.Gadis suspicion was cleverly trying mangajak Jacob streets alone with Jacob and then seduced to want to explain the purpose of his speech tadi.karena Jacob considers his tribe is a story about a silly fantasy and Bella had promised not to divulge to anyone, so he told about the legend of his tribe. Quileute tribe is descended from wolves and have only one enemy that is vampir.Menurut their belief it is closely related to the Cullen family where the Cullen family are vampires who make a covenant with his grandfather Jacob - Ephraim Black - to never set foot into the area his tribe.
At home, Bella looking for information about the Vampire because he too has not fully believe it, but he only found a match with what is told Jacob. until the scare stories that haunt his dreams. He also saw Edward sparkling, has fangs and the eyes are calling him dangerous. but Bella was not afraid and that's when Jacob appeared. jacob suddenly turned into a very large brown wolf and Edward pounce. Upon awakening from the nightmare, Bella realized that she could not lose Edward. and Edward was not anything actually important to him. the next day, the morning is bright for forks. the sun shone bright and without clouds, and the Cullen family disappeared. That's when Bella waited in the school garden, but Angela had told him that every sunny weather, the Cullen family will not show up because they - the whole Cullen family - go Hiking.
Bella had long wanted to buy some books. Incidentally Angela and Jessica wanted to go to Port Angels, he also participated. First she accompanied Angela and Jessica into a clothes shop - Angela asked him to give input on what they would buy - and then after selecting clothes, shoes and other trinkets, Bella broke away from them to go to the bookstore. But the book store was not what he expected - too mysterious and impossible to sell a book he was looking for - so he went from store to store looking for another book. Instead of finding that he was looking for, instead he got lost and had come to harm. He was disturbed by some thugs who are drunk. They set him up to the place where he could escape again ttidak. When Bella was stuck thinking about what strategies can help him - such as kicking or meniju collarbone because the faces of the thugs was sure he wanted to run down while screaming he could not make a sound because the lump in his throat -. That's when Edward suddenly come up with Volvo silvernya, speeding and suddenly stopped in front of the thugs that. Penumpangnmya door opened and Edward told Bella Bella to save Edward masuk.Demikianlah again. Bella looked at Edward's face that looked very frantic berbahayadan threatening, but Edward asks Bella to distract him. Bella mentions he would kill Tyler by Tyler crashed his car into the van because he was always bothered Bella Bella due to her guilt crashed the other day. It also managed to divert attention back to the store Edward.Mereka Angels Port Edward after Edward's mood somewhat restrained and met two friends Bella. Since Jessica and Angela had finished dining restaurant, Edward was asked for permission to them to ask Bella to dinner because he was worried about Bella. At the restaurant, the waiters will be amazed Edward's good looks and began courting her. Edward was not mengidahkan servant, her eyes fixed on Bella saja.Ia only request a seat that is privacy. When ordering food, ordering two Edward Coke - both of which were presented to Bella as well -, Bella was ordered mashroom Raviolli and eat them all asking for an explanation that goes against Edward Alak about surprising things he always did to save Bella's life. With the urging Bella, Edward tells Bella how to discover is by reading your mind and follow aromanya.Ia also claim that he can no longer stay away from Bella because he felt no longer able to pretend in front of Bella. He also describes how the talents in Bella Bella and asked to tell what's on his mind - Edward can not read Bella's mind -. In return he asks Bella to tell a new theory about him and Bella in ketahuinya say what about the legend of the Quileute tribe Jacob and Jacob told him everything. Edward stiffened and forced to admit the truth of the story itu.Edward is a vampire, his family is a family of vampires.
"I was the best predators around the world. Everything about me pull dirimu.suaraku, my face, even aromaku. As if I need all of it! As you can run faster than I have! As you can against it" (Edward Cullen )
Bella Swan, an ordinary teenage girl who moved to the town of Forks, a small town a grim, meets Edward Cullen, a mysterious guy who is very charming. The figure perfectly capable of making Bella terpikat.Ternyata, behind the perfection, Edward kept a big secret about the identity dirinya.Bella not realize the danger that awaits him Can he turn away from Edward before it is too late and change his life?
Stephenie Meyer managed to make the readers captivated by the perfect figure Edward.Bahkan when Bella dilemma faced by large, the authors are able to make the reader to feel the inner conflict felt Bella. Unfortunately, this book cover illustration reflects less the book. In addition, the lack of this book is it's too forward feelings of Bella, so the story is a bit too melancholy and lilting.
The first impression upon receiving the book is thick, it feels a bit terrifying novel gets this thick. When I first saw this book sealed in a bookstore, the first thought upon seeing kovernya is the thought of fantasy novels. In the end, after a sequel appeared, I began to hear people talking about this book as a good book. Obviously the more curious. Three quarters of this book contains a story of love and stories about how bad the main character of the vampire who disukain Approximately towards the end of the book, then came conflicts raise enough tension.

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