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Relative Clause

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How’s life been treating you? Hari ini saya akan membuat contoh teaching stages dalam pengajaran Relative Clause (Who and Whom) . Perlu diketahui bahwa topik ini mungkin agak sedikit susah bagi siswa dalam belajar bahasa Inggris, jadi sebaiknya mengambil contoh-contoh yang ada di sekitar kita saja. berikut contohnya;

Topic : Adjective Clause (Who,Whom)

Teaching aims : Students are able to use this topic in their own sentences and understand the difference between them.

Target Language :

S + WHO + V1(s/es) or V2 + C ex; The boy who wears black t-shirt is my brother.

S + WHOM + O + V1(s/es) or V2 + C ex; The boy whom I met yesterday is my brother.


Teacher will ask his students about hot topics today (it could be politics, infotainment, etc) Ex “Class, do you know Nunun Nurbaeti?” or “Class, do you know Raffi Ahmad?”
Teacher will lead them by using Adjective Clause
Ex “You know Raffi Ahmad, don’t you? The guy who broke up with Yuni Shara”

Teacher will write the sentences above on the white board and he’ll ask again about another topic (Nunun Nurbaeti) but teacher will try to use WHOM
Teacher starts to explain his students (based on Target Language)

Combine the two sentences into one sentences. Make “b” an adjective clause. Use Who or Whom
a. Do you know the people ? b. They live in the green house.
a. The woman gave me some information b. I called her
a. The police officer was friendly b. She gave me directions
a. The man talked a lot b. I met him on the plane
a. The man talked a lot b. He sat next to me
After it’s done, the teacher will discuss it with the students

It’s time for students to make their own sentences.
Teacher will lead this time by using a guessing game. Teacher will say some of famous people’s names and the students will try to make sentences orally
Ex “Dewi Persik” students “The woman who sings dangdut is Dewi Persik”
Ex “Bung Karno” students “The man whom Indonesian people are proud is Bung Karno”

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