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For men, increasing body weight can be a serious problem. The only way to add weight is to exercise and eat more stringent. Well, here will be revealed ten nutrition rules that you should follow so as to increase the weight of your body without adding too much fat.

1. Eat a lot.
Here's how it works: If you are exercising but not getting fat too, probably because you lack enough to eat. How do you expect your body to gain weight if you do not consume enough calories to your body's calorie burning rate per day?
For most men, you should consume at least 10 calories perpon your body weight just to maintain your current body weight. Meanwhile, to add weight to your body, you should consume at least 500 calories more than your usual calorie intake. The more you eat, the greater the likelihood of your body weight accretion. You should choose a selective consumption of food that you want so it can add quality weight without consuming too much fat.

2. Eat more often.
Eat more often associated with eating more because, logically it, the more food you eat, the more calories you can. Eating more frequently will also help your digestion. It's obviously easier to chew snacks contain 500 calories each instead of four big meal consisting of 100 calories each.
In addition, if eating something in large portions, some foods are not processed correctly due to lack of hormones in your metabolism. The advantages of this potentially eat into fat in the middle of his journey. So bear in mind is, by eating more, you will automatically gain some weight from fat.
Do not forget if you eat less often, you lead a longer period of each meal, insulin and concentration of nutrients causing you to fall, an effect disturb your body's metabolism.

3. Eat with the right proportions.
Proteins are the main barriers neuromuscular and nutrients essential to increase body weight and build muscle mass. But you also have to obtain the amount of carbohydrate and fat enough. The recommended proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is approximately 50:35:15. This proportion can be applied without thinking of all these dietary intake of total calories.

4. Calorie-dense foods.
Always try to eat calorie-dense foods. Look at this as something that is more efficient. More calories you get from food pergramnya, the more okay it is, because you do not have to eat less. It will also make you hungry faster. For example: try to reduce your consumption of vegetables because of the low calorie content and 80% of vegetables consists of water. But try to eat red meat, eggs and tuna fish. Those who want to be fat is also an effective resource that will help you improve your overall caloric intake.

5. Do not forget multivitamins.
Calorie-dense foods usually lack micronutrients such as vitamins, water and certain minerals. To avoid these micronutrient deficiencies, eat a multivitamin every day. Vitamins are needed to maintain optimal levels of micronutrients, and eat between meals you to speed up digestion.

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